Management and Economics Research Institute (MERI) CNU College of Economics And Management


ISSN 1598-3129

Journal of Management and Economic

Vol. 38, No. 1, 2016 February

  • The Challenge and Response in Quality Management at Hyundai Motor in 2000s

    Young-Suk Hyun, Jin-Ho Kim

  • A Study on the Effects of Corporate Governance on Internal Accounting Management Systems Review Opinion

    Ji-Young Kwak, Myeong-Jeon Ohe

  • Comovement between the U.S. and Asia-Pacific Stock Markets: Evidence from the Sector ETFs

    Bum-Suk Kim

  • The Effect of Relational Capital and Entrepreneurial Orientation of Manufacturing SMEs on Operations Capability and Performance in Supply Chain

    Jung-Dae Kim, Heon-Cheol Lee

  • Determinant on Business Performance of Chinese Subsidiaries of MNCs in Suzhou Industrial Park: Analysis of Influences of Strategic and Political Distances

    Deng Gao, Young-Duck Lee

  • The Effects of Service Quality and Trust on Service Loyalty: Focusing on the Government Funding Research Institutes on the Field of Scientific Technology

    Min-Ho Sohn, Yong-Gil Jeong

  • Mobile SNS Characteristics Affecting Relationship Quality and Purchase Intention of Agricultural Products: Focusing on Online Communities

    Keum-Nam Kwon, Tong-Jin Park

  • A Study on the Use of Fintech Payment Services Based on the UTAUT Model

    Seung-Ho Yang, Youn-Sung Hwang, Jae-Ki Park

  • The Effects of Social Network Characteristics on Air Force Pilots’ Personality and Similarity

    In-Ok Choi

  • The Effect of Accounting Information Indices on Management Evaluation Ratings of Public Enterprises

    Na-Young An, Sun-kook Kwon, Su

Management & Economics Research Institute

The research institute was founded in 1979 on the purpose of contributing to the development of learning through research and investigation on the relevant theories of management & economics and their practical applications. MERI has published “Journal of Management and Economics” since 1978 and this journal was accredited by National Research Foundation of Korea in 2015.

MERI's 10 Sectoral Centers

  • Global e-Busienss Research Center
  • Financial Engineering Education and Research Center
  • Marketing Strategy Research Center
  • Venture Business Research Center
  • Research Center for Human Resource Development
  • Center for Research of Information and Telecommunication Policy
  • Regional Industry Research Center
  • Research Center for the Pan-Yellow Sea Economic Rim
  • African Development Center
  • K-tech Diffusion Center

Core Business

  • Weekly academic seminars
  • Semi-annual domestic or international conferences
  • Projects of outside services : Research collaborations among industry-university-institute, Joint research, Research services, etc
  • External commissioned education :
    1. In-company innovation MBA courses at Aekyung and Korail
    2. Next generation leader training courses of Daewoo Security, etc.
  • Semi-annual publication of a specialized journal – Journal of Management and Economics